Kathy Kelly

„my first classic


The passion of my life has one word, the love of music The class A, of music, for me, in all disciplines is Classical Music .


From a very early age I fell in love with it, and this passion never left my Soul till this very day. Either for Violin, Piano, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Ballet and above all Classical singing. In later years, after having travelled the world and done and made an amazing career with my family in popular music, as a Soloist, Music Producer, Arranger, Instrumentalist, Coach and Performer on the world stages, I rediscovered this fire in my Soul, for Classical singing, that has been burning in my heart all my life.


I have had the great honor of training with superior Mentors and Masters for many years. But here above all, I want to write a Note of thank you, to all my Fans, Choirs and Orchestras with whom I have had the privilege to perform my Operatic Arias live in Public. Them all giving me, the huge feedback with their standing Ovations, confirming to me, that I was on the right track with my passion. For my passion for Music , for my Fans.

Enjoy my first Classic! As I do too Your Kathy Kelly



„my first classic


Release:  May 28 2021